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  • Bankruptcy Trustee vs. Licensed Insolvency Trustee : What’s the Difference?

    April 18, 2022

    Hundreds of Quebecois are looking for debt advice right now. Filing bankruptcy or a consumer proposal is a common experience for Canadians of all ages. Nearly one in five people consider debt relief to solve their financial instability. When searching for a reputable Bankruptcy Trustee in Montreal, information on a Licensed Insolvency Trustee shows up. This is […]

    By Marc Nantel-Legault

  • Everything You Need to Know About Filing a Second Bankruptcy

    April 9, 2022

    Recent crises, from the pandemic to environmental disasters, have upended many lives. It’s not surprising that many people have hit hard times financially. Bankruptcy is a type of legal insolvency that relieves honest Canadians of their debts. It also gives debtors financial counseling resources, and it prevents wage garnishment through a stay of proceedings.   Unfortunately, […]

    By Marc Nantel-Legault

  • Debt consolidation vs. consolidation loan

    March 25, 2022

    A consolidation loan is a type of debt consolidation. However, there are several other ways to consolidate your debts. In this article, we will give you more information so that you can see things more clearly. The purpose of debt consolidation This solution usually takes the form of a consolidation loan which aims to consolidate […]

    By Marc Nantel-Legault

  • How does a consumer proposal work?

    March 10, 2022

    The consumer proposal, the number one alternative to personal bankruptcy The preferred debt relief solution in many cases, the consumer proposal allows you to take care of your financial problems while avoiding personal bankruptcy. It involves making an agreement with your unsecured creditors, which will be administered and validated by a licensed insolvency trustee. Unlike […]

    By Marc Nantel-Legault

  • The Top Reasons you Need to consider the Consumer Proposal

    December 29, 2021

    If you’re in over your head in debt, you may wonder what options you have outside of bankruptcy. While a bankruptcy can wipe the slate clean, it has its damaging effects on your credit score and you may loose certain assets. One of the most common alternatives is the consumer proposal or an agreement to […]

    By Marc Nantel-Legault