Say adios to your debt problems!

The sooner you tackle your debt problems, the sooner you will get them in order and be able to have a fresh start.

Knowing the signs

We can see financial difficulties coming if we know the signs. They build over time but we can avoid them when we stay aware. If one or more of the signs listed below apply to you or your situation, contact us. We will help you to take back control of your finances.

  • Your monthly payments exceed what you make, and the only way you can make ends meet is to borrow
  • Making only the minimum payment amounts that are required
  • Delaying payments of some bills to pay others
  • Creditors have warned you that your file will be transferred or has been transferred to a collection agency
  • Your personal finances are preventing you from sleeping well and starting to become a source of anxiety
  • You have or expect to have unpaid taxes to the government significantly in excess of your financial capacity
  • You ask your family or friends for a loan to make payments

Our debt service ratio calculator is an indicator of your relative debt level.

Groupe Nantel Debt ratio calculator

Let us show you how

To improve your financial situation, you will need to find a way to rebalance your budget.  A debt consolidation loan or a consumer proposal may be a good solution to reduce your monthly payments and avoid bankruptcy.

Calculate the impact of these solutions with our consumer proposal payment simulator.  It will illustrate how much debt reduction can be achieved with a debt consolidation and a consumer proposal.  

The future looks bright


Keeping track of your monthly expenses is an important part of taking charge of your finances. It’s never too late to get your situation going in a new direction. There are a few simple steps to help you get going.

Make a budget:

Make a list of your expenses over a few months so you know where your money is going. Don’t forget the small expenses and plan a budget surplus to meet unforeseen expenses.

Pay cash or with debit:

Where possible, avoid paying with credit. High interest rates cause the total amount owed to increase rapidly. By paying with cash or debt, we’re also less likely to make impulse purchases.

Pause before making purchases:

Be aware of impulsive buying, especially shopping online or in an app. Before you buy, ask if it’s necessary and think how long it will take to pay the bill. 

Pay on time:

Know your due dates for different payments and make them on time. This will help you avoid late fees and interest charges, and strengthen your credit score.

Know credit contract details:

Check the details in contracts for credit cards or loans and their impact on your overall budget.  If in doubt, consult a qualified person. And above all, find out the cost of terminating the contract.


If your financial situation is overwhelming, consult us. We will help you see more clearly. The initial assessment is free and without obligations to use our services. 

Debt relief solution - Groupe Nantel

Your financial fresh start
begins today.

The sooner you tackle your debt problems, the sooner you’ll fix them and be able to have a fresh financial start.