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Groupe Nantel, will help you find the best debt relief solution to take back control of your personal finance and to have a new outlook on the future.

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Your financial situation

Similar to many Canadians, you may feel overwhelmed with your debts and payment obligations. A consumer proposal, debt consolidation or bankruptcy could be the first step towards regaining peace of mind.

Our self-assessment tools help you calculate your debt ratio and compare the impact of different solutions on your budget. We’re also here for a free consultation and confidential professional advice.

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We have solutions

At Groupe Nantel, we take the time to help you understand the different solutions, their advantages and answer your specific questions.

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Personal Bankruptcy
Personal bankruptcy can be a first step towards a new financial beginning and will stop harassment from creditors and protect against most seizures.
Consumer Proposal
The consumer proposal is a one payment per month agreement with no interest. It will help you avoid bankruptcy and keep your assets.
Debt Consolidation
There are different types of debt consolidation. The objective is to have one payment per month and reduce the average interest cost.

Our approach

With a personalized and human approach, we take the time to examine your unique situation and help you choose the best debt relief solution. It’s about getting you in position for a new start.

Understand your situation
First, we will take the time to properly understand your financial situation and identify what is important for you.
Experienced professional
With more than 20 years of experience in financial turnaround, accounting and tax, we can guide you toward the best debt relief solution.
New beginning
We will provide you tools to facilitate good financial management habits and guide you towards your new financial beginning.

Google reviews from our clients.

Over the past few years, we have helped thousands of people get rid of their debts and jump-start their financial futures. Their Google reviews say a lot about their satisfaction!

Excellent firm, Marc is truly knowledgeable and has helped me from day one. It took me 35 months exactly (out of the proposed 60 months) to pay my entire consolidated debt and he guided me properly throughout and answered any question I had within an hour or two. Highly recommended, thanks again Marc. R. Z.

5 years ago I was able to find a solution to get rid of a significant debt thanks to Marc Nantel-Legault and his team with who I was able to stand up on the right foot, build a new career and also help a few people who had the same difficulties as me by referring them to Marc. Today I am happy and financially free. Thanks again for everything! S. E.

I had the best experience with this trustee. I had consulted several other before meeting M. Nantel. He was by far the best of them, with a lot of expertise and experience in this field and a very human side as well. He was straight forward and what was discussed, had follow through as well afterwards., …, He is a rare gem. A. P.